We are lucky to have such a wonderful heritage to enjoy, here in the city of Chelmsford.

I will add more photos to this site and hope to show why Chelmsford shines through as the city in Essex with many very splendid visitor attractions for our County.

I am lucky to work in and around Essex and also to travel to many other locations where a man with a bell, a voice, a kind and caring attitude and presence is required to make an impact. Cambridge is fantastic to work in and the tourists love to see the uniform and have their pictures taken with me.

( I do not however jump in with them ). An honour indeed, to be asked to pose for the photos.

Shire Hall Chelmsford, EssexIf you have any information about forthcoming events or interesting information about Chelmsford’s history, please feel free to share it through this site.  Please e-mail to info@thetoastmaster.co.uk

Richard Palmer was appointed to work in Chelmsford as the Town Crier by Essex County Council together with Essex Police, Chelmsford Prison Service and the Crown Prosecution Service in 2008.  Richard then made his first appearance as town crier in September 2008 and appeared again on 13th September 2009.

Working in conjunction with the Essex Police Museum and the Prison Service, Shire Hall was the scene for visitors who went on a trip into the past to see the types of punishments criminals used to receive as part of a much larger public open day and special event partnered by English Heritage. In 2010 the English Heritage Heritage Open Days fell between 9th to 12th September and in 2011 the Heritage Open Days were 8-11 September. This was England’s annual celebration of local history, architecture and culture, where sites all over the country were open for visitors with no door entry charges.

The picture above right shows the Shire Hall at the top of the High Street.