Saturday 15th January 2011

A new and special childrens’ attraction

opened in CHELMSFORD Essex

I was the Town Crier in Chelmsford for the opening and promotion of the new

Book Shop and Story Centre

called Just Imagine

64 – 68, New London Road,

near the back entrance to M&S and DANSK.

Just Imagine Book Shop and story Centre In Chelmsford opens saturday 15th January 2011

This great new and vibrant shop is very family friendly and the staff are an absolute pleasure to meet.

You will get a very warm welcome from people that care about your childrens’ needs.

Horrid Henry The Gruffalo Chelmsford Town Crier Sarah MacIntyre Steve Cole and Nikki Gamble owner of Just Imagime Childrens' Bookshop in Chelmsford at the opening ceremony

The Gruffalo Chelmsford Town Crier and Horrid Henry outside Just Imagine Children's Book Shop in New London Road Chelmsford

The Grand Opening was at 11.00am and Horrid Henry and The Gruffalo were around for photos.

Horrid Henry in Chelmsford at Just Imagine Children's Book Shop and Story Centre

The Gruffalo at Just Imagine Children's Bookshop and Story Centre at 64 - 68 New London Road, Chelmsford

There were various activities with Steve Cole (Dr Who, Astrosaurs, Slim Squad) and Sarah MacIntyre (Morris the Mankiest Monster), both of whom opened the shop.

For any parents that want to bring excitement to their children’s learning experiences…..

This is the place that makes learning fun for children .

This has to be the best children’s book shop in town, but book shop does not do it justice.

Chelmsford Town Crier with Chelmsford's Conservative member of parliament Simon Burns MP at the opening of the new children's book shop Just Imagine

For those people that paid a visit on the opening day, I think that everyone would have enjoyed the vitality of this enterprise.

The people of Chelmsford were great to support Nikkiand Neil Gamble and their team at this great new venture.

A serious note to parents

Your children will absolutely love this shop and you will enjoy your visit.

Make learning fun and visit

Just Imagine,

64 – 68, New London Road Chelmsford, Essex

Carrying on from the information above…….

I have just received an e-mail from Sarah MacIntyre who has added some fantastic pictures and details onto her web site and blog.

Here is a little snippet  from Sarah’s blog, with a link

Nikki even brought in the local Town Crier and Toastmaster, Richard Palmer, to keep the party swinging. He showed us this nifty sword trick that, with a big whack, slices off the whole top of the bottle. Here he is, showing off the cork with the top of the bottle, still attached, to Steve and writer Graham Marks.

Chelmsford town crier Richard Palmer with the neck of the Champagne bottle that Neil had very neetly removed with Richard's sabre, to show his prowess and to say thank you to his guests for their help with such a great day