Richard Palmer is also a very experienced toastmaster and is a founder member of The English Toastmasters Association.  If you are looking for a wedding toastmaster or a toastmaster for any type of function then please feel free to contact me.

England is blessed with an excellent Association for Toastmasters, who have around 12 members here in Essex.  For an excellent toastmaster to look after your function please visit and choose one of our members to take care of you.

Our Trafalgar Day Meeting on 21st October 2008 at The County Hotel, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, and another excellent picture of some of our members from Dave Court. Thank you for all your help Dave and for an excellent presentation entitled “My mates in the wedding business”. 

If only more people in this business understood the value of strategic alliances, there would be stronger teams out there to give better performance for their clients at functions. Our members certainly appreciated your enlightening presentation and I know they all would enjoy working with you. 

David Court’s work is first class and you will be guaranteed a quality and fun photo shoot at your wedding, when using his services. Talk to David about his dream team and to make sure that you get the day of your dreams and memories that you will cherish forever.


wedding toasmasters meeting for member toastmasters of The English Toastmasters Association


There was a special meeting for our member toastmasters on Trafalgar Day, Tuesday 21st October 2008 at The County Hotel, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford.  The meeting started at 10.30am, although reception was from 9.00am and some of us were there for an early breakfast.

The meeting finished at 5.00pm after an interesting afternoon and a very enjoyable lunch.

The headquarters of the English Toastmasters Association is based in Danbury, just outside Chelmsford and our National meetings have now been held in Chelmsford for the last four years.  The County Hotel in Rainsford Road is an excellent venue for our meetings and is highly recommended for any corporate events where you are looking for quality service and excellent value for money.

The picture below is of the installation of our first Honorary Fellow Member of the English Toastmasters Association, Patrick Stevenson, who is the great grandson of William Knightsmith, the first toastmaster to wear the red tailcoat.  Here Patrick is shown receiving his certificate of Honorary Fellow Membership from Lord of the Manor of Romans Fee, Writtle, Essex Richard Oscroft MBE.  Richard also just happens to be the grandson in law of Harold Dean, the next distinguished toastmaster who wrote the book, My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. Patrick has been made a Fellow due to his kindness to our Association and his help with our research into the history of this profession.  His twin brother Richard is also being offered an honorary fellowship of our Association.  We are most grateful for their help, support and kindness to our Association.  Patrick delivered an excellent and very interesting presentation about the life of his great grandfather at our Gt. George’s Day Meeting.

Hon. Fellow of the English Toastmasters Association Patrick Stevenson receiving his fellowship certificate from Lord of the Manor of Romans Fee, Writtle, Essex, Richard Oscroft MBE

The picture above was taken by David Islip of David Islip Photography

Thank you David for your support with our National Meeting and all you ongoing help.

A note to thank you for your hospitality yesterday at the toastmasters’ lunch. It was very enjoyable and informative so I now have more knowledge of the organisation .Thanks again and speak soon. Stuart Rawlings