Chelmsford Town Crier

Richard is pleased to offer his services as a town crier to any companies or organisations who wish to promote their events or services with panache and style »

Richard will be pleased to help you to promote your company or events and appear as your Town Crier anywhere in the world.

For more information and a friendly chat please call 07971 409977, 01245 222392 or 01245 225511 at any time.



Hello Richard

We all thought you were a great help yesterday.  We wouldn't have had the numbers if we didn't have you there.

Thanks for putting so much effort into this.

Kind Regards

Nick Dirs - Essex County Council

September 2008

Essex County Council logo - Chelmsford Town Crier


Hello Richard

Thank you very much for hosting the St. Georges Day event at Barking College. The staff and students alike enjoyed the event. It is quite interesting that you are so multi-talented. I have never known a man to be able to do so many things at a time and look as fresh as yourself.

Keep it up

Once again, thank you very much.

Jean Blake     Events Organiser      27th April 2010





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